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Casting Directors on the Difficulty of Casting and Why Smaller Roles are the Hardest to Cast

Casting directors can be an actor’s best friend or biggest nightmare — it all depends on whether or not they pick you to audition for the part or not. Truth be told, casting directors want to choose the right person for every role, but sometimes that doesn’t happen for a variety of reasons. Two prominent casting directors who are currently on television offer some insight on why it’s sometimes difficult to cast roles and how other times casting decisions are left up to people who carry a bit more weight. John Papsidera, who casts Hulu’s Casual and regularly works with Christopher Nolan as well

Actors and Casting: It’s a Numbers Game

Earlier this month casting director David Rapaport — who casts The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and other CW shows — gave his Twitter followers a glimpse at just how difficult his job can be — and he also gave actors a look at what odds they’re facing when they go in for an audition. For three roles, Rapaport and his team viewed 2684, 2055, and 1354 potential actors. Most didn’t make the cut. For the role with 2684 candidates, only 58 were selected for callbacks — that’s just a hair over 2%. While the odds were a little better for the role that had 1354 candidates (131 were

Michael Keaton on Choosing Roles: “If you overthink the money part, you tend to mess it up”

It’s not often that an actor goes from playing one of the most beloved superheroes ever to seemingly leaving the industry — but Michael Keaton did just that. Only a few years after playing Batman a second time in Batman Returns, Keaton turned down many high-profile and lucrative roles (including playing Batman again). In an interview with The Guardian, Keaton explains why material is so much more important to him than money. In fact, before Keaton re-emerged in his Oscar-nominated role in Birdman there were many who thought Keaton had retired from acting. That wasn’t the case — it was a matter of interest in the

Audition Etiquette: Some Do’s and Don’t

Having been to quite a few auditions & listened to a lot of Casting Directors, I thought it might be useful to write down some of the rules of etiquette when it comes to auditions. So, you’ve seen a role you’d love to apply for; this might be anywhere from Spotlight to a friend posting on social media. What do you do – dive in straight away and apply for every role on offer? No! There’s an etiquette when it comes to applying for and auditioning for roles and this etiquette applies, regardless of who the Casting Director is and

Model and activist Adwoa Aboah is the new face of Marc Jacobs Beauty

Model, activist, and founder, Adwoa Aboah already has a lengthy resume — but it’s about to get even longer. Aboah is the newest face of Marc Jacobs Beauty, and we couldn’t be happier about this new announcement. Aboah will bring her diverse look to the luxury beauty brand. And while we can’t get enough of her pillowy lips, close-cropped hair, or freckles, Aboah’s outer beauty isn’t the only gorgeous thing she brings to the table. Her activism includes founding GURLS TALK, a digital space where women can share their stories, and she’s a vocal feminist. We also credit her with

Make-Up Mistakes That Will Make You Look Older

Make-up can be a blessing and a curse. Did you know that certain shades and colors – although trendy and popular – might not suit your skin tone? That lipstick you are lusting after may very well be making your teeth appear yellow, your blush may be causing you to look older than you are, and your eye shadow may be making your eyes seem smaller than they are. “The secret to your make-up style and colors is feeling comfortable, even if it isn’t the trend of the moment. You want to go with colors that enhance your natural beauty and

Student becomes model after homecoming pictures go viral

A 19-year-old student is set to become a model after pictures of her went viral. Anok Yai is a sophomore at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and she was snapped by a photographer at Howard University’s homecoming celebrations in Washington, DC last weekend. But after the photos were posted by the photographer on his Instagram account, TheSUNK, Yai went viral. Not only were the images widely shared and commented upon, but they’ve even led to Yai being contacted by multiple model agencies who want to sign her. “Saw her right at the end of Yardfest,” wrote the photographer. “Stunning

Eddie Izzard on Learning to How to Be an Actor

“The bottom line of drama is to be truthful, the bottom line of comedy is to be funny, and they are different.” – Eddie Izzard For a lot of us, acting involves learning a wide range of skills, and bringing those to a variety of genres. It’s fair to say that the majority learn how to tackle drama, romance, action, comedy, and so on, and while we may choose to focus on one genre over others, we still practice and hone our craft across the board. Not so for Eddie Izzard. The British actor started out as a stand-up comic, before

How to be a movie extra

So you want to be in the movies? The bad news is, unless you already happen to be a Kevin Spacey or a Julia Roberts, the chances of figuring prominently in Spielberg’s plans for his next blockbuster are slim. The good news is, nobody listens to Spielberg any more. OK, so that last bit wasn’t true, but provided you don’t mind being ‘fifth lady-in-waiting to the left of Cate Blanchett’ or ‘astonished observer of Pierce Brosnan’s getaway’ you have every chance of making it on to the silver screen, albeit only briefly. Most major film productions need extras or ‘background

No Casualty to acting as Limerick girl gets her big TV break on BBC

LIMERICK native Michelle Fox has become a series regular on the hit BBC drama Casualty and is soon to appear on TV screens next to Hugh Grant. The bubbly and ambitious Caherdavin native who has always been interested in drama from a young age, started at Frontline Stage School in the city, under the mentorship of founder Gerdi McGlynn. “She put me through my paces and gave me the confidence to continue with acting,” said the actress. At the age of 16 Michelle continued her drama training, joining the Limerick Youth Theatre, sneaking out of Saturday study to attend, she